First Report Online (FROL)

Don’t wait to report! Failing to report on time can not only result in penalties and fines, but also  delay an employee’s safe return to work, increase the cost of a claim, and increase the likelihood of attorney involvement. According to the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI), delays in reporting workplace injuries can increase the cost of a work comp claim up to 51%. Fortunately, many insurance carriers are making it easier than ever to file a claim online.

First Report Online (FROL) is another tool Minnesota Comp Advisor clients can rely on for reporting claims on time. Once you log in, you will be directed to provide a much detail as you can about the incident. The more specific information you can provide, the quicker and easier the claim can be managed and even closed. To speed along the reporting process, FROL will automatically populate certain fields on the first report of injury form, including physician and clinic location details, your insurance carrier information, and even your company and department’s information.

In addition, using FROL to file a claim can help you:

  • Report on time, while saving time
  • Send a completed first report of injury report to the insurance carrier for quicker processing
  • Calculate lost time, if any
  • Edit reports and claim information as more details become available
  • Track OSHA Recordable Injuries
  • Generate all OSHA reports, including the 300 Log and Summary

Your supervisors, HR department or claims coordinator should complete the first report of injury and submit information to the insurance carrier, even if the injury did not require medical attention. In one case, an employee got metal shavings in his hand. The employee reported he was able to remove the filings and get back to work, so the supervisor decided not to file a report. 3 weeks later, the employee was diagnosed with blood poisoning from the original incident, and a minor injury that should have been reported immediately mushroomed into a major claim.