There Are Many Sides to Workers Compensation

The 5D™ Process Brings Them All Together

People tend to be in pain and frustrated when they contact us. They’ve had challenges managing their workers compensation and want solutions not talk, talk, talk.

This led to the development and continued commitment of Minnesota Comp Advisor to be the leader in education and execution of the processes that save lives, save money, and save time for employers and their employees to stop injuries and shepherd recovery when injuries happen.

We don’t just sell you a policy. We work with you to uncover your pain points and create a custom plan to resolve your most challenging work comp issues, using the 5D™ Process:


Listen carefully to the frustrations of you and your team in the trenches dealing with the various elements of workers compensation insurance, employee injuries, human resources and safety/loss control.


Go deeper on the Discovery phase to determine which priorities will have the most impact in the shortest time frame. Immediate results build momentum to get your program back on track.


Create a written plan designed to benchmark deliverables, and apply toward premium credits on your current workers compensation insurance policies.


Accomplish benchmark deliverables by getting to work and supporting your staff in their work.

Delight with Detailed Results

With a detailed design, you can expect detailed results. Creating raving fans means we’re saving time, saving money, and saving lives for our clients.

Talk to a work comp specialist today. Contact Us.

"No one in the past has been able to help us to the extent Minnesota Comp Advisor has been able to.  From claims management, audit assistance, loss control….they do it all.  Our experience mod is dropping and we finally feel we have the right team in place."

Jim Canine, President, Lorenz Bus Service, Blaine