24/7 Nurse Care Line

How to Set Up the Nurse Care Line

Minnesota Comp Advisor provides access to a 241/7 Nurse Care Line, provided by Alaris, as a value-added service to its clients, at no additional cost. To get your organization set with the 24/7 Nurse Care Line, contact Mary Wells at 612-236-1771 or mwells@minnesotacompadvisor.com.

When calling, please have as much information available as possible, including:

  • Desired effective start date
  • Name of the organization
  • Locations (if more than one)
  • Employer contact person (for each location)
  • Employer contact phone number (for each location)
  • Employer contact email (for each location)
  • Employer address (for each location)
  • Work comp insurance carrier information
  • List of preferred clinics (Mary will review for accuracy)
  • If you perform post-accident drug testing, and
  • If yes, what type drug testing, what type of lab (5- or 10 panel, etc)

Once Minnesota Comp Advisor has collected this information, we will set up a new account with Alaris.

In the meantime, update your injury and/or claim reporting process to include a phone call to the nurse care line to determine severity and treatment options. Once your account has been created, and your materials updated, you will need to roll out this information to your supervisors and employees. Contact Minnesota Comp Advisor for training materials or to schedule a training session with your employees and supervisors.

Once the nurse care line has been rolled out, your employees and supervisors should begin using it any time there is an accident or injury. The care line nurse will communicate every step of the process and coordinate communication between you, the employee, the clinic, the adjuster and Minnesota Comp Advisor.

Request Wallet Cards

Clients with access to the 24/7 Nurse Care Line can request custom-print wallet cards to hand out to their employees. Includes:

  • Company Logo
  • Custom Text - instructions specific to your employees
  • Custom Colors and Fonts

Email or call Mary Wells with your request and quantity at mwells@minnesotacompadvisor.com or 612-236-1771. You will be asked to provide a JPEG file of your logo.

Download Posters

Click here to download a printable poster with care line phone number and instructions for when and how to use the nurse care line.