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Aggravated Inequity– Discover how this little-known rule has saved Minnesota employers thousands of dollars on workers compensation, and how you can put it to work for you.

Excluded Remuneration– Do you know what should and should not be included as payroll? If not, you could be wasting big money on your work comp coverage. Find out if you’re paying more than you should!

What Your Supervisors Don’t Know is Hurting YOU – The top 5 reasons you should provide work comp training to your supervisors.

The Minnesota School System Workers Compensation Survival Guide, The ultimate guide to navigating the complexities of Minnesota's Workers Compensation System, as featured at the Annual MASBO Conference for Minnesota School Business Officials.

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The Real Story Behind Workplace Injuries

Employees think a work comp injury only impacts work: they sit at home and collect a paycheck. Living on easy street, right? The truth is, work comp injuries cause major disruptions in all areas of an employee's life, from work to home. Meet a real Minnesota couple, Tim and Patsy Murray, who had their lives turned upside down because of another employee's unsafe actions. This is their story:

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