Access First Report Online

Delays in reporting can increase the cost of a claim significantly. Filing a claim with First Report Online can significantly reduce delays that can drive up the cost of work comp claims.

Clients with access to First Report Online can log in here to file a work comp claim with their insurance carrier. If you do not have access to First Report Online or would like to learn more, contact Mary Wells at 612-236-1771 or email

How to File a Claim with First Report Online:

  1. Follow the Link to First Report Online:
  2. Log In with the Username and Password provided to you (contact Mary Wells at 612-236-1771 or if you do not have a username and password)
  3. Download the First Report Online User's Guide
  4. Follow ALL User’s Guide instructions – Failure to follow instructions completely can result in costly delays
  5. Generate a New Email (from FROL) and Send Report to Carrier and Minnesota Comp Advisor. Carrier will create a new work comp claim. Minnesota Comp Advisor will review the claim, and monitor its progress from filing through close

If you have any questions about filing a claim through First Report Online, contact Mary Wells at 612-236-1771 or