At first glance work comp looks pretty straightforward. You get your policy and pay your premium, you do your best to prevent injuries and report your claims on time, and the insurance company takes it from there. Well, they take the claim anyway. But do they minimize the total cost and impact of employee injuries on your company?

The truth is, when you open it up, work comp gets a lot more complex than workplace safety programs. It’s what your company does – or fails to do – after an injury occurs that makes all the difference. Effective claims management, medical management and return to work programs are absolutely essential – if you want to get your people back to work faster, increase productivity, reduce the total cost of claims by as much as 70%, and pay a lot less for your work comp insurance.

We take care of the complexities of workers’ compensation so you can focus on making your organization more productive and profitable.

Workers' compensation looks simple from the outside, but when you open it up...