At first glance work comp costs seem pretty straightforward. You pay your premium, plus the cost to implement and administer workplace safety programs and train your staff. Then you report your claims and the system is supposed to work for you. But nobody’s working to minimize the total negative financial impact on your organization.

The truth is when you take a closer look, the true cost of worker injuries gets a lot more complex. It’s what you do or fail to do after an injury that either contains those costs or lets them bleed your bottom line dry. Disorganized claims and medical management, inadequate return-to-work programs – as well as outright fraud - keep your people out of work longer, drive up the cost of each claim, and your experience mod, and that means higher premiums year after year. Not including the immeasurable cost of lost productivity. But get these business processes under control and you could reduce the total cost of your workplace injuries by as much as 70%.

We take care of the complexities of workers’ compensation and you save big money on your premium.

Workers' compensation looks simple from the outside, but when you open it up...