Human Resources

Your bosses think work comp is pretty straightforward. They think it’s simply a matter of prevent injuries, pay the premium, and report the claims – and the insurance company takes care of it. But in HR, you know better.

What they don’t realize is that you get into the details of it, work comp gets a lot more complex. And you’re the one who struggled through that chaos every day. Who suffers when supervisors don’t report injuries on time – or discourage their team from reporting an injury at all? Who must coordinate with those supervisors – and injured workers. And the accountants. And the medical clinic staff who won’t even take your calls. And the claims adjusters? Shouldn’t everyone be working together? Then why does it seem like it’s just you?

We are here for you. Systemized claims and medical management – along with effective return-to-work programs – are just a few of the ways we take the burden from you and leave you to take credit for increased productivity and lower work comp premiums.

Workers' compensation looks simple from the outside, but when you open it up...