Financing Injuries

Not happy with how much you pay for your work comp coverage? You take it out to bid and see who's offering the better price. It's "just the way things have always been done." But your insurance premium isn't just randomly assigned – a lot of different factors go into determining how much you pay for the work comp coverage you need to stay in business. Many of the factors can be controlled, but only if you know where to begin.

What Other Minnesota Employers Are Saying

"Minnesota Comp Advisor helped reduce our mod from 1.4 to 0.75. That's a 65% savings year after year!

-Bruce Haslerud, President
ATI Black Diamond Granules, Inc, Woodbury, MN

"Minnesota Comp Advisor reviewed my processes and through implementation, we captured a large return on our audit, reserves were lowered which resulted in a lower experience mod, and they took the time to educate our local physicians so that our claims will be handled properly in the future. We are thrilled."

-Kim Olson, President
Lake Region Home Health, New London, MN

"Minnesota Comp Advisor helped us reduce our reserves, eliminate our small indemnity claims, helped institute a med-clinic site, conduct in-training with staff, and helped educate us on work comp claims; we are very happy with them."

-RoxAnne Gosson, Administrator
Mapleton Community Home, Mapleton, MN

"We have seen concrete results from our engagement with Minnesota Comp Advisor. In just 1 year, they were able to get a claim closed before our mod was calculated which saved us premium on our next renewal and were also able to correct an audit and recover almost $2,000. They have also help tighten up other areas that will lead to better outcomes for our bottom line."

-Paul Anderson , CFO
Sunrise Health Services, Stacy, MN

"The state of Minnesota issues out mod rate and Minnesota Comp Advisor looked into a specific claim for us and was able to get it dropped 7 points, which saved us thousands of dollars."

-Mac Walters, Owner
All Home Health, Bloomington, MN

"They helped us with a claim where, because of the work that they did, it reduced out experience mod by 14 points and saved us $10,000.

-John Torvik, CFO
A Chance to Grow, Minneapolis, MN

"We recently worked with Minnesota Comp Advisor to reverse our workers comp audit which resulted with a return premium of $249,000."

- Bob Sannerud, CFO
Life Link III, Minneapolis, MN

"Due to Minnesota Comp Advisor's efforts, The Blaine Brothers was able to recover $63,000 of premiums that we believe would have never been possible to recover with our previous agent."

- Mike Gray, CFO
Blaine Brothers, Blaine, MN

"We have been working with Minnesota Comp Advisor for about a year, and they have helped us lower our mod and our reserves and we are doing much better on our work comp process.

- Terry Sanftner, Human Resource Manager
Project for Pride in Living, Minneapolis, MN

"Minnesota Comp Advisor has helped me out on my worker's comp audits for the last 6 years. They corrected 3 audits ranging from $3,000 to $6,000."

- Dave Murray, Owner
Total Luxury Limousine Service, St. Paul, MN

"I'd like to just tell everybody that we've been enjoying Minnesota Comp Advisor, they've helped us out quite a bit. Whenever I have a question, they are right there to answer my questions, they've got me through quite a few different instances where I was confused as which direction to go and they've been very, very helpful and especially they were very helpful in getting our mod factor down about 40%.

- MaChar Kingstrom, Director of Human Resources
St. John's Lutheran Community Albert Lea, MN

"Since working with Minnesota Comp Advisor, our mod rate has been reduced by half due to their hard work, wisdom, and promptness. "

- Nick Walters, Payroll/Billing
All Home Health, Bloomington, MN