You're Going To Be Charged...


Consider just how many people are involved in figuring
out your Workers' Compensation charges:

  • Insurance company underwriter,
    the one who makes decisions

  • Insurance company nurse

  • Underwriter’s assistant

  • Employer

  • Claims adjuster

  • Auditor

  • Employer’s staff

  • Claims assistant

  • Employee

  • Insurance company rater

  • At least two data processing clerks
  • Workers’ Compensation Rating Bureau personnel

  • Current insurance agent

  • State personnel

  • Insurance agency staff

  • Clinic physicians

  • Medical specialists

  • Clinic staff

  • And quite possibly, lawyers


With all of these people affecting how your Workers' Compensation Insurance is managed, how would it be possible for errors and even major mistakes that cause you to be overcharged not to occur? 

Mistakes also arise from:
  • Clerical errors

  • Incorrect reporting of payroll figures

  • Mishandling of on-the-job injuries

  • Violation of merger rules

  • Multi-State business

  • Changing your business

  • Not taking advantage of available credits

  • Not taking legally entitled to deductions

  • Sloppy injury management

  • Botched Ex-Mod management

  • Misunderstanding of rules

  • Gray area defaulting to the insurance company, not the employer

  • Putting employees into the wrong job classifications

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