HR Resources

FMLA, ADA, Work Comp - Our HR expert can help you navigate the complexities of FMLA, ADA, and Workers Compensation regulations to prevent costly and time-consuming litigation. Download your free FMLA, ADA & Work Comp Guide.

Employee Handbook - Review and update your Employee Handbook annually with help from our HR expert

Drug & Alcohol Testing - Our HR expert can help you develop and implement a comprehensive drug and alcohol screening program to ensure a safe working environment for all of your employees.

Ever-changing Employment Law - Our HR expert will keep you up to date on employment law and provide training as needed to ensure compliance and avoid citations and fines. 

Complex HR Situations - Get the help you need to navigate challenging HR situations when they arise.

Access MyWave Connect -  Clients enjoy access to the latest HR information and resources at no additional cost - everything from current legislation, ACA / FMLA / ADA regulations and guidelines, to sample policies and much, much more!