Minnesota School Business Officials

At first glance your school district’s work comp looks pretty straightforward: You do your best to prevent injuries and report your claims on time, and the insurance company takes it from there.

Well … they take “the claim," but do they minimize the total negative impact and cost of worker injuries? The daily hassles that constantly distract you from the most important work you’re here to do?

Not a chance.

The truth is – when you open it up – work comp gets a lot more complex. And it’s what you do – or fail to do – after an injury that makes all the difference.
With funding constraints, burgeoning class sizes, staff deficits, student bullying – and so much more - it’s hard enough to run a school district these days.

That’s where Minnesota Comp Advisor comes to your rescue. Systematized claims and medical management – along with effective return-to-work programs – are just a few of the ways we take the work comp burden from you and leave you to give all your attention to running your schools. We take care of the complexities, so you can take care of educating our children.