When an employee gets injured, the safety manual gets tossed out and the paramedics get called in. Doctors prescribe excessive time off, injured employees sit at home feeling scared, wronged, hurt, useless, lawyers get called, and a minor injury explodes into a major nightmare. Managing injuries takes more than a manual. It takes a dedicated team of experts to monitor the claim from reporting through close, communicate with the doctors, the adjusters, the insurance company and the employee, and to provide the tools and support you need to get your injured employees back to good health and productivity.

What Other Minnesota Employers Are Saying

"They took the time to educate our local physicians so that our claims will be handled properly in the future."

- Kim Olson, President
Lake Region Home Health, New London, MN

"Minnesota Comp Advisor helped us reduce our reserves, eliminate our small indemnity claims, helped institute a med-clinic site, conduct in-training with staff, and helped educate us on work comp claims we are very happy with them."

- RoxAnne Gosson, Administrator
Mapleton Community Home, Mapleton, MN

"They helped us with a claim where, because of the work that they did, it reduced out experience mod by 14 points and saved us $10,000."

- John Torvik, CFO
A Chance to Grow, Minneapolis, MN

"The supervisor training that Minnesota Comp Advisor provided was very impactful! Our supervisors now know the importance of return to work and the savings to our bottom line. Our team is more creative in providing light duty positions. They were educated on why reporting of claims promptly is so critical. The roles of the supervisors are now clearly defined and that alone, has helped drive our experience mod down."

- Bethany Paul, Human Resources / Office Manager
Bethany International, Bloomington, MN

"We value our relationship with Minnesota Comp Advisor as our most beneficial of all business partnerships. Their take is truly a partnership where they look out for you and your employees' best interest: getting employees quick, quality care all while doing a stellar job at managing claims and keeping costs as low as possible. Since working with Minnesota Comp Advisor, our mod rate has been reduced by half due to their hard work, wisdom, and promptness. They also provide excellent HR support. We are approached many times per year by competing agencies but this just serves as a reminder of how satisfied we are with Minnesota Comp Advisor."

- Nick Walters, Payroll/Billing
All Home Health, Bloomington, MN