Supervisor Training

Your supervisors are on the front line with your employees, day in and day out, yet most of them don’t realize the influence they have with their subordinates when it comes to preventing injuries. Supervisor training is critical to preventing injuries:

Keep an eye out for unsafe behaviors and unsafe equipment. Supervisors need to be able to recognize work habits and behaviors that invite injury. If you see an employee not following safe work practices, you need to change how the employee works and handle as an individual performance issue.

Maintain a safe work area. Supervisors should regularly inspect work areas and take corrective action as needed. Invite your safety committee to inspect your work area as they are conducting their regular inspections.

Train and remind your employees to be safe. Train them on the general operation rules and the job specific tasks. Conduct regular safety training and include safety in your regularly scheduled meetings. Document the training and hold your employees accountable.

Know and enforce your company safety policies. If an employee performs an unsafe act, handle as a performance issue.

Hire the right employees. When interviewing a potential employee, take the time to review the requirements of the job and find out whether the candidate can safely perform them.