Preventing Injuries is the first step toward managing your workers compensation program. Having the right people and processes in place go a long way toward preventing injuries. But it also means that when something does happen, you will be ready for it.


What Other Minnesota Employers Are Saying

"Minnesota Comp Advisor helped us reduce our reserves, eliminate our small indemnity claims, helped institute a med-clinic site, conduct in-training with staff, and helped educate us on work comp claims; we are very happy with them."

- RoxAnne Gosson, Administrator
Mapleton Community Home, Mapleton, MN

"Minnesota Comp Advisor got me thinking about work comp the same way I think about my business. Plan, implement, measure and hold people accountable. By implementing the Minnesota Comp Advisor strategies, we have lowered our experience mod 20 points!"

- Terry Driscoll, Founder
Custom Iron, Zumbrota, MN

"We have been working with Minnesota Comp Advisor for about a year, and they have helped us lower our mod and our reserves and we are doing much better on our work comp process."

- Terry Sanftner, Human Resource Manager
Project for Pride in Living, Minneapolis, MN

"It's great to have a resource that helps us keep our employees safe!!!

- Katie Kretsh, HR Manager
CKC Good Food, South St. Paul, MN

We started working with Minnesota Comp Advisor back in 2007. They have addressed and controlled all of the different challenges we face with our work comp and overall risk management program. We have been very impressed and they are a true partner of ours.

- Gregg Johnson, President
Kiffmeyer, Inc, Coon Rapids, MN