Worker's Comp Insurance Savings: Separating Truth from Myth Part Two.

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In part one of our series on real-life worker’s comp insurance savings measures, we delved into the effects employee health has on employee safety, and its corresponding role in insurance rates. Here we’ll dig deeper into actionable savings methods – and the myths preventing us from implementing change.

Pre-employment testing
Myth: Pre-employment testing is a waste of time and money.
Fact: Compared to the potential impact of injuries that could result from poor employee/position combinations, investment is minimal.

Aligning your company with an occupational health clinic or qualified physician provides valuable insight to the physical limitations employees might encounter in each given position. Physicians in-the-know regarding job descriptions/duties can help identify potential safety issues, preventing unnecessary injuries and costs.

Workplace wellness programs
Workplace wellness programs are expensive.
Fact: Wellness programs return far more than invested dollar-for-dollar – particularly disease management programs.

A healthier workforce means fewer injuries and less time off-the-job should injury occur. Return on investment (ROI) includes overall healthcare savings achieved, as well as productivity increases resulting from better health and morale, and reductions in absenteeism.

Employee participation
Myth: Employees resent “being told what to do.”
Fact: Employees see wellness programs as a sign of a business invested in their health and well-being.

The same holds true for companies that help get employees back to work faster with light duty – employees feel cared for. The trick, however, lies in motivating participation with the carrot (incentives) - not the stick (punishment).

Make a positive impact on injury management with enhanced employee safety and health. Turn the myth of worker’s comp insurance savings into reality with the help of Minnesota Comp Advisor today.

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