Steps to Take After a Top Employee Quits

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Lose your best employee? Don’t fret, there’s a rainbow at the end of the storm. Begin your journey back to normal with winning employee management tips, where with a positive attitude and essential staff feedback, you’ll soon return to the sunnier side of business.

Pop open an umbrella
When you lose a star employee, your staff may become deluged with worries: Increased workloads, overtime, even the survival of the business. Be honest with your staff without drowning in fear. Explain things will be tough for a while, but express your optimistic attitude about resurfacing from the setback as a team.

Spread a little sunshine
Offer existing employees the opportunity to step into their potential, possibly filling the shoes of the employee that left you bereft. Your next star employee could be right under your nose.

Go into the eye of the storm
Conduct a thorough exit interview to help determine if there's any pattern to employee loss. Keep emotions out and be open to an unfiltered viewpoint. If the split is amicable, consider offering higher pay to rule this out as the sole motivator.

Consult your local weather men
This is also a great time to get with employees, seeking honest feedback in hopes of preventing the situation from happening again, and showing existing employees that you care for and respect their needs.

Don’t seek shelter in a shanty
Don’t rush to replace a great employee with a warm body. Be proactive, not reactive, taking your time to seek out a quality replacement.

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