The Power of Positive - Why Work Relationships Matter

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It is well-known that social relationships are an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. Recent research suggests the need for social connection also extends to the workplace, providing benefits far beyond worker health. In fact, raising workplace morale can payback in major ways

A feather in your cap
Many owners and managers equate heightened workplace morale with over-abundant water cooler talk and decreased productivity. Some are even prone to squelching socialization. However a meta-analysis recently published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Review points to a large study involving workers across a host of industries (health, sales, military) showing quite the opposite.

Social relationships offer bountiful benefits:

• Close connection to co-workers boosts mental and physical health.
A boon for workers - and employers to whom health and workman’s comp insurance costs are closely tied.

• Happier, healthier workers are less prone to burn out. 
This equates to less last-minute call-ins, sick days, and on-the-job accidents resulting from lack of attention and fatigue. It also means less turnover from employees seeking out greener pastures over employment where they have no emotional ties or sense of belonging – leaving you to find, hire, and train another replacement.

The “WE” in wellness
As it turns out, people don’t want to exist solely as individuals, but yearn for a group dynamic. In being part of a group, they open themselves to influence, seeing the world from a different perspective. They work with and trust others, and desire to be a productive, contributing member of the team. 

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  1. Jordan Curry's avatar Jordan Curry
    I'm about to start a job at a sales company with a huge team of people. I liked how you said that naturally, people want to open up and contribute to a goal as part of a team. I think this helps an overall business operation run smoother and imagine it will help me as well!
    3/14/2018 5:39 PM
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