Is Safety Top Priority in Your Workplace? Why It Should Be.

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Workplace safety is topping the to-do list of organizations across the USA. Does it top yours? If you’re letting workplace safety fall to the wayside, it could cost you – in terms of higher workman's comp insurance rates.

Making safety JOB ONE
Every year, workman’s comp costs businesses millions in compensation and medical claims, not to mention productivity lost, much of which could have been prevented with simple workplace safety measures. Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all scenario. However with a proactive approach any company can reduce risky behavior.

• Risky business
Logging and categorizing incidents can help you identify and address problem areas in safety plan development. To get ahead of the curve, this must be a daily task. Remember: Good intelligence yields the most useful results.

• A needle in the eye
Proactive observation is also essential in determining what worker behaviors are leading to safety incidents. While workers are engaged, stand back and take note, recording information that will be useful for individual employee reviews. Just be sure to keep the process positive, being certain to include what employees are doing right and showing concern for their safety over at-risk behaviors.

• Getting personal
Explain the whys of safer behavior (such as protecting one’s back so they are there for their team and family) and avoiding “because I said so” scenarios. This ensures success, helping workers better understand what’s in it for them when they follow proper procedures, and empowering them to become a stakeholder in their own health and safety.

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