What is a Job Safety Analysis and Why Should You Perform One?

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With workman's comp insurance rates reaching epic proportions nationwide, businesses are looking inward for ways they can better protect workers and control costs. One great place to start is a job safety analysis.

What is a job safety analysis?
A job safety analysis (JSA) takes an in-depth look into basic job functions in order to identify potential hazards, integrate accepted safety and health principles, and provide employees with key information on the safest ways to perform a job or task. You may also hear it referred to as a job hazard analysis (JHA).

How do you perform a JSA?

• Observation
Watching a worker actually perform the job precludes overlooking steps in the process, but may be impractical for infrequently performed tasks.

• Group discussion
When a group of experienced workers and supervisors, alongside members of your health and safety committee, unite to complete a JSA, there is a wider base of experience and more widespread acceptance of results and procedures.

Is a JSA really worth my time?
JSAs offer a host of benefits:

• Uncovering previously undetected hazards.

• Increasing job knowledge for participants.

• Raising health and safety awareness.

Opening up communication between workers and supervisors.

• Enhancing the development of written work procedures, serving as a teaching aid in job training or a guide for infrequently performed tasks.

• Boosting the acceptance of safe work procedures.

• Promoting a culture of safety and helping employees feel valued.

• Serving as a standard for health and safety inspections or observations.

• Assisting in comprehensive accident investigations.

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