Plan Ahead to Boost Your Cybersecurity in 2017

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Just this past October, millions of infected internet-connected devices unknowingly played a part in taking down portions of the worldwide web, including major websites like Paypal, Twitter, and Spotify. Do you have the business tips you need to protect your business’ devices from getting hacked?

Under the weather – and under control
Hacked, infected with malware, and controlled remotely, devices like smartphones, tablets, cameras, DVRs – even thermostats and baby monitors – are the source of the problem. Cheaply built to fuel the world’s tech-feeding frenzy, they lack the built-in security necessary for protection against such threats, which results when trying to keep costs uber-low. This has prompted cybersecurity experts (akin to the automotive crash testing industry) to petition the government for regulations mandating manufacturers to better protect devices – lest a ‘lights out’ scenario result.

How to keep your computers and devices from zombification:

1. Don’t be a default dummy.
Ensure the first thing you accomplish after each purchase is updating device logins and passcodes from default settings. Hackers use computer code to search for these default settings to more easily prey on tech.

2. Don’t ignore updates.
The more up-to-date your equipment is, the less likely it will be to morph into one of the zombie machine horde. Remember – it’s not just the Internet at stake: Consider what these devices control.

3. Keep computers clean . . .
Technically speaking, by rebooting to help wipe malicious code, not clicking on suspicious links, and making certain every device, from router down to peripherals, is secured.

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