Early Intervention on Claims Seminar on January 11, 2017

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Keep injured employees on the right track, ensuring a successful recovery and preventing off-the-rails costs with Minnesota Comp Advisor’s FREE upcoming workcomp insurance seminar, ‘Early Intervention on Claims,’ this Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 from 8-10 a.m. at the Minneapolis Golf Club.

Discover how early claims intervention can help
Kicking off this FREE ‘Navigating New Challenges in Workers’ Comp’ seminar series, this first installment uncovers how early intervention can be a boon for your business, helping you avoid legal nightmares and time-consuming, money-eating workers’ comp claims, getting your employees re-engaged, and providing a path to a faster, more complete recovery than those left to sit alone at home.

Gain industry insight from leading workers’ comp legal, medical and management experts:

• Alaris CEO Marijo Storment, RN, BSN, CCM
Since her 2012 installment as CEO, Marijo Storment has stressed the importance of communication, commitment to care, case management efficiency, client satisfaction, integrity, and hard work. Under her leadership, workers’ compensation and disability case management services front-runner Alaris has extended its extraordinary services to all 50 states.

• Minnesota Comp Advisor’s own Mark Kraemer, CIC, CWCA, CSRM
One of the state’s first Certified Work Comp Advisors as well as the first agency advisor for one of the largest self-insured funds in Minnesota. Mark is also a well-known speaker and educator, and is known for his teamwork approach to minimizing the experience mod, as well as the technical and financial impacts of claims management.

Feeling the pain of workers’ comp costs? Get your employees - and your business - back to its best! Call 612-236-1771 or email mwells@minnesotacompadvisor.com to reserve your spot at this FREE workcomp insurance seminar today. Hurry! Space is limited!
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