Cybersecurity is Every Business' Job

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Is your workplace's cybersecurity up to par? According to cybersecurity experts, a dangerous cyberattack could be on the horizon for many Americans. These experts, whose views typically run askance to innovation-stifling legislation, have recently been imploring the U.S. government to demand better built-in security standards for all Internet-connected devices and warning Congress of the ever-growing risk and its potentially disastrous consequences.

October 2016 cyber-attacks highlight the need for safety
Low-end, Internet accessible devices lacking built-in security measures, from DVRs and cameras to baby monitors and thermostats, can get infected with malware, controlled remotely, and used to flood the Internet with excess information and take down sites. Case in point: October 21st, 2016, when 77 large websites were sideswiped off of the information superhighway.

Why government intervention may not be on the horizon
Low-end manufacturers have little incentive to add security measures, leaving devices easy to hack and control remotely without the courtesy of obvious (or nonexistent) default passwords. In addition, newly elected President Trump is hardly a regulatory fan, and unlikely to implement legislation involving necessary security measures, potentially leaving the public to face the possibility of lights out – literally and figuratively - as the electrical grid, hospital systems, and banking access risk going dark.

Rising access
An estimated 6 billion devices are currently connected to the Internet, with numbers expected to reach 20 billion by 2020. With so many hands in the cookie jar, it's definitely time to make workplace cybersecurity a priority.

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