Planning for Your First Workplace Safety Meeting

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Impromptu workplace safety meetings are a great way to quickly and easily boost compliance in the workplace. Short and informal, these 10-20 minute meetings can pack a lot of punch as a pre-shift standalone gathering – or added to an existing staff meeting.

Plan ahead to ensure safety meeting success!

• Select a topic
Ensure the topic is applicable to your industry, being certain to discuss with supervisors or HR any rules or policies you must adhere to surrounding its discussion. Uncover injuries, accidents, or close-calls related to the topic, and create an information sheet for employees. Also, create a Q&A section for the meeting (and handout).

• Discuss the topic
Present your topic and research at the impromptu meeting. Spoiler alert! Don’t give out the handout until the END of the discussion – this will encourage the contribution of unique content rather than reading from the sheet.

• Encourage participation
Always ask for questions or feedback on worker experience for the topic-at-hand to ensure understanding and compliance. Does anyone have a topic-related personal experience in their current (or past) work environment? If not, bring up examples you uncovered. To encourage discussion, go through your Q&A questions, inquiring about alternative solutions to safety issues other than those you’ve found.

• Note company policies
Following discussion, refer to company rules and procedures surrounding the topic.

• Keep the discussion on-point
If questions or comments stray off-topic, make a point to discuss those issues later and keep to the topic at-hand.

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