How to Prevent Injuries in the Trash Room

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If the thought of injuries in the trash room conjures up images of one of the Three Stooges slipping on a banana peel, you’re probably not alone, however trash rooms – banana peel lined or not – are among the most dangerous rooms in multi-family properties and businesses. So, allowing workplace injury prevention to slip here (every pun intended) could land you in hot water.

No laughing matter
Moving a dumpster at an apartment or business is one of the most dangerous jobs an employee can do. Manually pushing or pulling heavy dumpsters curbside for trash removal can result in serious injury: The average cost of a claim for an injury in the trash room is more than $41,000.

An uphill battle
There is typically no good way to push or pull a dumpster out of its location. And this mountainous duty is often left to a single worker, particularly at smaller businesses. Rough terrain, wet surfaces, inclement weather and more can all combine to create a hazardous situation that dramatically increases the risk of slips and falls. Pushing and pulling the dumpster also easily results in strains and sprains, particularly in the back and shoulder, which could have been easily prevented. The possibility of fraud adds additional complications.

10,000 pounds of cure
WasteCaddy Dumpster Mover, a $5,000 device costing far less than a single claim, can greatly reduce the risk of injury, engineering out the potential for strains, sprains, slips and falls to ensure employee safety in the trash room.

Workplace injury prevention is no walk in the park. Find a safer path to savings with the help of Minnesota Comp Advisor today.

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