Technology in the Workman's Compensation Industry

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Technology has radically changed the way companies do business. In workman's compensation insurance, it has been a boon in reducing fraud and severities. However, in the office – and in claims resolution – technology has not been without its drawbacks.

The efficiency conundrum
Though advancements in technology are well-known to boost the efficiency of day-to-day operations, on the communication front it can actually slow down claims resolution. This is due in large part to the higher value placed on impersonal internet communications favored by a large percentage of society versus in-person or live-talk human interactions.

Out of touch
Replacing face-to-face communications with emails and texting is perceived as more convenient, with these forms of communication typically given a higher value. However reliance on them alone often overcomplicates matters, producing an ad-infinitum back-and-forth that could easily be resolved with a quick phone call or in-person meeting.

Electronic types of communication can take several times longer, especially in claims settlement cases, where it is much easier and less adrenaline-inducing to argue points on settlements. Worse, instead of the “connection” these types of technologies boast, interpersonal communication decreases vital personal interaction, relationship-building, problem-solving skills, and opportunities.

A great tool, but not an across-the-board solution
Changing the way people communicate with each other is currently one of the biggest challenges to results in the workcomp industry for all parties, from claimants to employers and adjusters. While technology can be great, some things, such as claims settlement, still benefit from a more traditional approach.

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