Should You Be Watching Your Staff's Social Media Page to Prevent Workcomp Fraud?

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Fighting workcomp fraud? You may be tempted to turn to social media in your efforts to expose scammers. Better than binoculars and all-night stakeouts, social media is increasingly being used to thwart the less-than-honest.

Digital addiction
People just can’t seem to stay off social media, and exposing dishonesty in workers’ comp claims is just one of the many ways a person’s “webutation” can come back to haunt them, exposing up to 10% of claims that are estimated to be fraudulent.

Web-P.I., or D-I-Y endeavor?
Digital searches can be fast and comprehensive, but generally not achieved with the typical Google search. Many sites don’t let Google index their database, resulting in less-than-stellar results. Step-in social detection or concierge search professionals. Like private detection, but on the web, these businesses utilize specialized software that goes beyond the surface web to legally dig-up public information using identifiers such as nicknames, user names, aliases, email addresses, relatives, Facebook and other social media tags, texts, photos, and videos, producing far more relevant results. All this is done from behind a keyboard, with no contact with the individual in question.

Worth its weight in gold
In less than 6 months, one such business, Social Detection of Philadelphia, saved employers and insurance carriers more than $7 million in only 8 cases. Pricing for similar services runs from $375-500 per report, with monthly subscriptions available (pricing dependent on the number of searches, typically in the $199-1,000 range).

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