The Gift of Life - Organ Donation

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This New Year, consider giving a new life to another person through organ donation. Organ donation wait times are staggering, with kidney transplant patients waiting an average of 5 years, and over 20% of liver and lung transplant patients waiting even longer. Twenty-two people die each day waiting for a transplant.

There's more than one way to save a life
Although most organ donations follow a declaration of death, some organs and tissues can be contributed from living donors. With the dire need of life saving procedures and an ever-growing waiting list, both types of donations offer hope to families that are helplessly waiting for the salvation of a loved one.

How could you save someone’s life?

• Living donation
Living donors can donate skin, bone, healthy cells, one of their two well-functioning kidneys (the remaining kidney provides the necessary function needed to remove waste), a liver segment (the remaining lobe regenerates quickly to nearly original size), lung lobe (with volume/size matching), a portion of their pancreas, and a portion of their intestine.

• Donation following death
A host of tissues including corneas, skin, bone, and organs can be donated following death, depending on the type (brain or cardiac).

Signing up for donation is easy
Learn more about live donation through the American Transplant Foundation. Sign up for traditional donation through your local DMV, via a living will through your attorney, or post-hospital admission. Through a living will, you can also advocate loved ones to make organ donation decisions for you if you’re unable.

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