Chronic Pain - The Invisible Illness with Big Impact on the Workplace

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Are you overlooking the needs of workcomp insurance pain patients? A common occurrence with chronic pain sufferers, whose pain and symptoms are mostly invisible, these individuals often ­feel alone and disconnected from a world in which they are constantly on the outside looking in. Coping – simply trying to get by moment-to-moment – further results in an introverted response that cuts off such sufferers from friends and loved ones even more, invoking their self-protective nature. How can you help such individuals reach out?

Five Olive Branches for Chronic Pain Sufferers:

1. Help pain sufferers feel connected by reaching out any way possible, from a quick text or social media message to more in-depth (and crucial) in-person, phone, or video-messaging conversations. Simply listening shows suffers they are not alone.

2. Be flexible, arranging both work and home-life activities around “good” and “bad” times of the day or days of the week. You’ll gain the advantages of those truly “good” moments, far lessening the stress, grief, and pressures of “forcing it” through the bad ones.

3. Help them amass a “travel triage” including heat pads, ice packs, cushions, support, or other essentials to make work and leisure activities outside the home more comfortable. (You may need to plan ahead and get creative, depending on the event.)

4. Add music to your arsenal. Though not a direct connection, music keeps spirits lifted, aids in coping, and reduces feelings of loneliness and isolation.

5. Let them play the “me” card, shutting out the world as necessary to manage pain needs.


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