Top Tips for Letting Technology Help You Serve Your Customers Better

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Smart small business owners nationwide are taking advantage of technology to better serve clients. In this week’s business tips, we’ll take a look at some of this amazing technology, and how it’s improving the customer service process.

Today’s Top Business Tech Includes…

  • CRM Systems
    Customer relationship management apps like Insightly or ZohoCRM are for more than sales and marketing, offering the ability to create customized tickets/cases that link directly to accounts/contacts in the system.
  • Help Desk
    Service desk apps such as ZenDesk, Freshdesk offer a slightly deeper form of CRM systems, allowing for the assignment of tickets to specific staff members.
  • Chat Services
    Chat apps like Zopim or Live Chat offer fast, round-the-clock customer service access directly from your website, alerting service personnel when needed. Some even auto-integrate conversation history into Help Desk/CRM systems.
  • Knowledge Databases
    “Knowledge bases” like Desk and Answerbase take a lot of time to setup, inputting problems and answers commonly addressed by your team. However they can provide customers fast, cost-effective access to answers – sans support rep.
  • Communication Tools
    Slack, Microsoft Yammer and HipChat provide text, instant messaging and integration with most email systems, allowing employees to easily communicate via desktop or mobile apps, saving conversations for easy retrieval/review, and allowing real time sharing, dialogue, and video chat for the collaborative solution of problems.
  • Remote Connection
    Apps like LogMeIn, GoToMyPC and give tech support personnel the ability to remotely access and control a client’s system to see issues and solve problems.
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