Wearable Technology Comes to the Construction Industry

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Could wearable technology be among the business tips you need for controlling workers comp costs? Fueled by the Internet of Things, technology geared toward safety is becoming increasingly available – and affordable – especially when compared to the true expense of on-the-job injuries.

Who’s Jumping On Board?
Once extraordinarily slow to adapt to technology, according to JB Knowledge’s 2015 Tech Report, construction firms taking advantage of cloud-based software and technology have more than doubled since 2012, with many already beginning to adopt wearable tech, whose offerings go far beyond safety to encompass productivity, knowledge, and endless data capabilities.

What Smart Gadgets are Changing the Construction Industry?

  • Smart Helmets
    Virtual visors show tasks-at-hand within visible workspace, aiding in training and better understanding job scope, as well as providing extensive data mining capabilities.
  • Smart Vests
    Redpoint’s GPS-infused safety vests identify predefined hazards, slow/deactivate equipment, and allow employees to request help at their specific geo-targeted location.
  • Smart Glasses
    Camera-equipped glasses wired to the internet allow live monitoring, and the capability for experienced technicians to provide real-time feedback to new learners without the need to be on-site.
  • Bionic Exoskeleton Suits
    Move over Iron Man - prevent poor body mechanics and aid workers in lifting heavy loads, reducing painful and costly back injuries and muscle strains.
  • Wristband Gesture Controller
    The Myo by Thalmic Labs reads arm gestures, and when paired with certain devices (PowerPoint, Drones, Smart Glasses, Netflix ...), can translate these gestures to action. A great tool to prevent the need to drop equipment or gloves to operate electronic devices.

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