Detecting Patterns of Injury is Job One for WorkComp Insurance Consultants

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Workers comp insurance consultants know the causes of on-the-job injury often involve more than obvious answers, and are rooted in deeper, underlying workplace situations. Are you neglecting to uncover them?

Many factors can contribute to workplace incidents:

  • Task-related factors
    The physical and mental demands of a task, task pace, total workload, clarity of procedures, and conflicts between policy and practices (shortcuts) often contribute to worksite incidents.

  • Environmental factors
    Access to safety gear, work area layout and space, equipment/tools used (including design and maintenance), as well as seemingly common factors like lighting, noise, air quality, and temperature are all part-and-parcel of the workplace safety puzzle.

  • Organizational issues
    The business’ culture of safety (inspections, maintenance, safety programs), staffing/scheduling practices, communication and reporting all drive success (or failure).

  • Workforce complications
    Experience and training, employee attitudes and perception of risks, fatigue and stress can all play a role.

How can these underlying causes be detected?
In-depth analysis is essential to inspiring meaningful change – analysis that goes beyond the human error, to ask and uncover why an error was made. Fact-finding and not fault-finding, or a ‘systemic approach’ is essential to preventing a hostile environment.

How can this be accomplished? Incident investigation, worksite inspections, job task analysis, surveys, and more can help root out and identify actual and potential injury and illness catalysts. However, across-the-board cooperation is key, including health and safety professionals, committee members, supervisors, and especially employees.

Workers comp insurance consultants have the skills it takes to detect patterns of injury and prevent needless claims. Do you have a skilled consultant on your side? Head-off injuries at the pass with the help of Minnesota Comp Advisor today.

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