Medical Marijuana - What to Do When Employees Have to Smoke at Work

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Is your business traversing the muddy waters of medical marijuana use in the workplace? A workers comp insurance consultant may be able to help you....

Confront the Reality of Medical Marijuana
Because many view pot as a recreational drug, the idea of condoning its use in the workplace may seem laughable at first. In reality, however, the treatment of medical marijuana in the workplace, from a legal perspective, is not much different than other powerful drugs doctors have been legally prescribing for years, with medical marijuana simply taking its place in the lineup.

There’s No Need to Overhaul Existing Drug Policies
Assuming, of course, you already have such rules in place for dealing with the use of other prescription drugs that impair mental capacity. You still have a legal duty to accommodate the needs of those with medical conditions or disabilities, while at the same time upholding a safe work environment.

A Doctor’s Note is Not Carte Blanche
A legal prescription does not give an employee the right to smoke marijuana whenever and wherever they want at work. Employees have never had the right to work while knowingly impaired, and the safety of others from workplace incidents – and secondhand smoke – is paramount. Employers are not obligated to accommodate employees beyond the point of undue hardship. Some employers are even able to enact a zero tolerance policy for specific jobs, such as heavy equipment operators, pilots, and surgeons.

Learn the ins and outs of medical marijuana in the workplace with the help of a workers comp insurance consultant on the cutting-edge of today’s industry changes. Contact Minnesota Comp Advisor today.


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