Safe Work Practice Keep Staff Safe and Lower Experience Mods

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Do your employees know the safest way to do their work? Workers in-the-know on job site hazards and control measures can make your workers comp management path far easier.

Arm Employees with Knowledge
Written safe work practices and procedures are the first step toward job site safety and an integral component of any occupational health and safety program. These include guidelines for helping workers perform their tasks safely, and may not require step-by-step procedural instructions.

Written practices should note necessary safety controls (ventilation, personal protective equipment, etc.), and be used alongside in-person training on these protocols, including how to use equipment. Protocols should be constantly evolving and under continuous review.

When developing a new plan, allowing management and existing employees to review procedures ensures all bases are covered. The plan should outline who needs training, including new workers, returning workers, and those changing jobs, and training time required.

A checklist for each worker can help track training practices and compliance, ensuring their readiness in multiple areas such as first aid, emergency response procedures, personal protective equipment use, lockout/tagout programs, WHIMIS, TDG, etc. Some industries/hazards require more, so ensure all essential training needs are covered.

Special Youth Safety Concerns
Additional training for younger workers is required, as they are at greater risk of workplace accidents. Employers must ensure a plan is in place, and workplace plans and procedures are clearly communicated and well-understood. This includes the supervision of younger employees safely completing tasks before they embark on solo work.

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