The Thirteen Steps to Workplace Safety

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The Number 1 way to reduce workers’ comp costs, workplace safety pays an amazing return on investment. Most employers understand how their business’ safety culture affects premiums, but many fail to realize the true payback for an investment in workplace safety.

You Could Reap $3-10 Per $1 Invested with a Winning Approach to Workplace Safety
Integrate safety into every facet of your business – simply telling workers to ‘be safe’ is not enough!

  1. Hire
    Top-notch help. Smart employees are safe employees.
  2. Assess
    Define the necessary skills for each job.
  3. Place
    Workers in jobs only if they possess necessary physical/mental skills.
  4. Educate
    Workers when they are hired. Remind all staff regularly thereafter regarding safety measures and the importance of safety rules.
  5. Train
    Workers properly and thoroughly for all job duties.
  6. Enforce
    Impose consequences for failure to follow safety protocols.
  7. Discuss
    Frequently discuss safety status and measures regularly at meetings, performance evaluations, etc.
  8. Provide
    Personal protective equipment (gloves, safety glasses, respirators), providing education on proper use. Likewise, be a model for its use.
  9. Moderate
    Understand overtime and unsafe staffing practices increase risks.
  10. Review
    And report any incidents that occur, including near-misses, noting what went wrong and discussing ways to address it to prevent future issues.
  11. Identify
    The most frequent injuries at your business – and develop ways to prevent them.
  12. Reward
    Shifts, teams, and workers who help identify and prevent hazards on the job.
  13. Evolve
    Keep a running list of risks, and create warning posters, displaying them prominently in shared areas, such as break rooms.

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