Prevent Workplace Injury with the Right Footwear

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People often overlook the fact that proper footwear can prevent workplace injuries, however it is a vital part of injury prevention. National Safety Council estimates point to the occurrence of 120,000 foot injuries at work annually. Don’t let your employees be one of them.

Give Foot Injuries the Boot
Avoid the hidden costs of workplace injury by meeting simple employee footwear safety needs. There are a number of hazards proper footwear can protect employees against. What footwear features should be on your employees’ ‘must-have’ list?

Fallen Object/Roll Protection
The most common foot injuries occur from objects dropped or rolled onto the feet. For this, steel-toe or composite-toe shoes are a must. Metatarsal guards offer further protection for the top of the foot, extending protection to prevent midfoot injury, which can require extensive medical attention.

Slip & Fall Protection
Slips and falls on wet or oily surfaces are quite common, making non-slip soles key to safety. These can be built into employee footwear, or include slip-on, overshoe varieties.

Cut & Puncture Protection
Recommended for certain industries, thick-soled, protective footwear is ideal, with the added protection of metal foot guards or puncture-proof inserts.

Chemical Protection
Chemical exposure from spills, splashes and other accidents require rubber, vinyl, plastic, or other specialty protective footwear. MSDS consultation is recommended to ensure the right material to guarantee safety.

Industry-Specific Protection
From heat and flame protection to water exposure, electrical and spark protection, there are many footwear solutions available to meet your company’s needs.

Prevent workplace injury with the right safety gear for the task. Get your workplace up 
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