Why Put an Injury Prevention Program to Work at Your Facility

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Thirty-four states in the U.S. and many countries worldwide encourage or require injury prevention programs in the workplace. As a proactive approach to finding and fixing workplace hazards before employees are hurt, these programs offer an amazing return on investment.

Still Waiting to Put Injury Prevention Programs to Work for You?
You’re missing out on more than a minor insurance break. These programs:

Build a strong safety ‘foundation’
OSHA’s cooperative programs help all levels of an organization collectively identify and control hazards to achieve a better, safer work environment that's in compliance with existing regulations. This helps ensure the financial security of the business, and likewise job security for employees.

Transform workplace culture
An environment where employees feel safe and valued is one with improved productivity, reduced turnover, and increased employee satisfaction.

Dramatically decrease job site injuries, illnesses, and fatalities
This reduces your
experience mod, and through it premiums and the many indirect costs of workplace injury, including the loss of skilled labor, productivity and workplace morale, as well as associated legal and insurance costs and snafus.

But How Much Do Injury Prevention Programs Help, Really?
Based on program reviews in the states with injury prevention program requirements,
OSHA estimates the implementation of these programs has reduced injuries 15-35% for employers who don't already have such programs in place. At a mere 15% effectiveness level, this translates to $9 billion in savings per year in workcomp costs – and a whopping $23 billion per year at 35% effectiveness.

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