Creeping Work Comp Claims - Identify and Manage Them Part Two

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Continued from August 9th.

Managing Creeping Claims
Work comp
claims piling up? In part one of this series, you learned how to identify the common characteristics of creeping claims. Now we’ll take an in-depth look at methods to head them off at-the-pass.

Unnecessary Disability
Return-to-work programs play an essential role in controlling creeping claims. Simple to implement, these modified-duty programs offer tremendous savings, but are often glossed-over citing ‘the economy’ and unions. Unless ‘whole or no person’ rules apply, these make more financial sense than paying for disability and replacement workers.

Inappropriate Treatment
Appropriate care safeguards treatment outcomes. TPAs, carriers, and employers must remain on top of treatment utilizing case management, utilization review, and independent medical exams to protect patients.

As part of case management, identify these issues early on. They cannot be prevented, however the potential
impact may be minimized with proper care.

Psycho-Social Issues
If red flags of psycho-social issues are present,
stepping-up communication with injured workers can have a significant positive impact, thwarting litigation based on mistrust/fear. Showing you care early on – and recommending counseling – can go a long way to preventing significant issues later on.

More people die in the U.S. from prescription drug overdoses than car accidents. Long-term usage for pain is often not proven, and can lead to health complications. To thwart the increased medical costs, and likelihood of disability and poor outcomes associated with higher levels of opioid usage, protect your workers by turning to pharmacy benefits management and other drug monitoring programs to ensure their safe and proper use.

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