Do You Need Absentee Management for Your Firm?

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As workers’ comp claims continue to decline in frequency and jobs continue to become safer, you may want to consider looking to other avenues for savings. With employee leave, disability management, and wellness absences continuing to rise in prevalence, and legislation increasingly complex, absence management offers an array of opportunities in controlling costs and preventing headaches.

For these reasons, workers’ comp management providers are supplying their clients with a new benefit: Employee management tips and systems for better management of employee absences.

How Can Your WorkComp Management Program Help You Handle Absenteeism?
Workers’ comp claims management professionals can help businesses manage non-occupational absences by tapping into skills and resources necessary to manage illness and injury-related absences, as both essentially involve the same things:

• Claims processing.

• Reducing incident rates.

• Coordinating services.

• Navigating the complexities of return-to-work and associated absences.

• Costs associated with absenteeism.

• Compliance with pertinent laws.

Are You Skirting Absence Management Disaster?
With the strong correlation between health behaviors and claims costs, and the link between employee absence and lost revenue, it pays to have a plan for managing absences of all kinds - from both the injury management and health and wellness perspectives.

From FMLA and ADA to jury duty and blood donor leave, federal and state mandates continue to grow increasingly complex. Ever-changing rules elevate your risk of violation without expert outside assistance and employee management tips. Fortunately, claims management firms are in the perfect position to provide them.

Looking for a few outside-the-box employee management tips to control your rapidly-changing labor landscape? Minnesota Comp Advisor has the total health of your company covered. Discover more about our amazingly flexible skills and solutions today.

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