Test Your Knowledge on Worker's Compensation Insurance Coverage

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Are you falling victim to worker's compensation insurance myths? Test your knowledge, separating fact from fiction with this quick quiz…

Myth or Fact?

1. Large Discount Networks Offer Better Cost Control.
Myth. Penetration and discount rates will eventually plateau as a cost control measure. Amount and types of service are often what drive inflation. Instead, a customer-specific, multi-tiered, multi-layered approach is integral to identifying cost drivers - and incorporate specific solutions tailored for each employer’s medical cost issues.

2. An Employer’s Role Ends When the Claim is Paid.
Myth. Your most important role is in the healing process, monitoring the ability for return to work. Return to work supports employee recovery physically and psychologically, reducing the indirect costs of lost days, as well as claims and premiums.

3. Complex Claims will Improve, Given a Little Time.
Myth. The treatment needs and demands of the injured worker will not improve over time. The longer injured workers remain away, the greater the likelihood they will NEVER return to work. Additionally, medical costs for worker's compensation insurance ALWAYS increase over time. The best time to handle complex claims is NOW.

4. Workcomp Costs are ‘Out of Control’.
Myth. The real cause of workcomp costs is lack of control. When companies don’t take control post-injury, employees do, resulting in longer claims, with time away disproportionate to the length of their disability. Those with tight post-injury procedures and follow-up, however, better navigate pitfalls and obstacles on the path to their return to work.

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