Work Comp Management is Growing Increasingly Complex

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Work comp management is more challenging than ever. Changing state and federal legislative demands require higher levels of jurisdictional expertise than ever before. And emerging issues such as the aging workforce, chronic health issues, opioid use (and abuse), and the ever-evolving landscape of marijuana are making claims more frequent, more complicated, more drawn out and more expensive.

Is There Any Way to Stop the Insanity?
New and improved solutions could help you rise to the occasion, including:

Carefully matching the expertise of claims specialists with specific claims.
Involving the right professionals at the right time is key to successful work comp management. This includes…

• Using experienced professionals for high-exposure losses.

• Finding the right professional for unique claims.

• Utilizing clinical experts early and often for a fully-integrated program and successfully-managed costs.

• Monitoring workloads to enable higher-quality handling, responsiveness, and ultimately savings.

Building teams with jurisdictional expertise.
Jurisdictional knowledge is integral to determining the compensability of the claim, loss mitigation, and potential for savings. Each state’s varying rules, fee schedules, reporting requirements, panel/network utilization regulations, billing codes, rules, and more will vary drastically.

With laws changing daily on a myriad of minutia, it produces an environment rife with the potential for errors for those not in the know. It is this jurisdictional expertise that can help maximize savings.

Employ data analytics…

• To capture crucial data from reporting to return-to-work.

• Utilize it proactively to identify claims trends and opportunities for early intervention.

• Assign the right manager per case.

• To achieve and benchmark optimal results.

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