Wearable Tech Changes Work Comp Rehab

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Wearable and smart tech are redefining work comp rehab management. First gaining traction as activity trackers, tech has now progressed to allow for features capable of monitoring vitals like blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration, to body mechanics that can contribute to injury risk.

Offering Advantages For Every Phase of Workers’ Comp
Assistive technology experts help advise case managers what tech is best for:

Safety & prevention
Tracking vitals, of particular use to those at-risk from chronic conditions (hypertension, diabetes, obesity, smoking),

Injury reporting
Wearable and smart tech capable of pairing with other wearable devices such as GPS tracking chips, smart phones, and voice-activated communication devices could speed attention in the event of accident or injury.

Work comp rehab & treatment planning
The right wearables tech can greatly improve outcomes and accelerate recovery.

Avoiding re-injury
Monitoring repetitive motions and body mechanics that could lead to injuries.

Managing long-term, catastrophic claims
Exoskeleton tech is giving paralyzed patients the ability to walk again, giving hope to those with serious, debilitating injuries. Scaled-down versions, such as those for the hip, knee, and back conditions, could later aid in rehab as tech evolves, enhancing function, productivity, and independence.

In High-Demand
Such wearable tech, vast and growing in capability, is expected to grow in demand, increasing from a $20 billion industry based on 2015 figures, to $70 billion in the next 10 years. There's potential for even higher demand in the healthcare-sector in managing chronic conditions and the aging boomer population.

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