Using Data, Technology and Prevention Training Mitigates Workplace Injury Claims

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At the Workers’ Compensation Institute’s 72nd annual Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference recently, technology was at the forefront of topics surrounding the management of workplace injury claims. Smart technology and predictive analytics are revolutionizing employee treatment, leading to a healthier, more productive workforce.

A Worthy Investment
Remaining proactive, particularly on the technology front, can be a tremendous challenge. However the return on investment on such tech can be substantial, paving the way for less costly, dramatically improved outcomes that incites employers to make it a priority.

What Technology is On the Rise for Preventing & Treating Workplace Injury Claims?

- Post-Offer Employment Testing (POET):
Testing designed to interpret whether a potential candidate is physically capable of the job which they are seeking. Just one hire not physically able to perform a job is at risk of injury, putting the employer at the potential risk of $50,000 or more in lost productivity and other expenses.

- Wearable Tech & Telemedicine
A tremendous resource in ensuring the compliance and correct performance of therapy exercises and activities.

- Advanced Therapy
Newly-developed programs for injured workers similar to work conditioning.

- The Exoskeleton Device for Paralyzed Workers
A cutting-edge device that allows paralyzed or severely injured workers to walk again.

- Resource-Sharing Programs for the Development of Wellness Programs
A means to allow those firms that cannot afford onsite fitness centers to pool community resources to create wellness programs for the betterment of workers.

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