Make the Most of Your Aging Workforce with these Four Tips

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As Boomers have passed retirement age over the past decade, yet continue to stay on the job, cries to adapt to the aging workforce have repeatedly been sounded. Unfortunately, though many small to medium businesses have listened to proposals regarding reform, few have put such plans into action, leading them to lose out on tremendous opportunities.

Retiring Retirement: Ways Your Business Can Adapt
Take action, turning your aging workforce into a fount of opportunity by:

- Putting the Skills of Older Workers to Better Use
Your aging workforce is loyal, has more industry knowledge, and produces more detailed, high-quality work. They also possess higher levels of maturity, respect, communication and networking capabilities than their younger counterparts.

- Creating New Positions – or Adapting Old Ones
Much like return-to-work programs offer modified roles to keep employees on-the-job, adapting existing positions to older workers – or introducing workers to new roles – can reduce the likelihood for error and injury while supporting worker confidence and value.

- Tweaking Ergonomics
Adjustments to workplace ergonomics such as softer flooring, supportive shoes, and easier-to-read computer screens can prevent incidents and injuries. As can ergonomics and health seminars, particularly when paired with wellness programs that keep workers feeling young.

- Looking to “Half-Retirement” Options
Modifying exit schemes to include phased retirement options can help workers adjust, reducing the need for temp help and allowing skilled workers to remain part-time, earning a full salary when paired with retirement benefits.

The aging workforce isn’t going away. Do you have the tools you need to face upcoming challenges? Proactively secure the future of aging workers – and your business – with the help of Minnesota Comp Advisor today.  

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