Safety Culture Building Tips

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 large and ongoing commitment, creating a culture of safety is key to employee injury management. Establishing a safety culture pays for itself, however, leaving antiquated blame-based systems by the wayside in favor of a positive, organization-wide approach that will reward your business with a reduction in incidents and workers comp claims.

How Can Your Organization Forge the Path Toward a Strong Safety Culture?
OSHA offers these tips for boosting your employee injury management repertoire with a strong, safety-based foundation:

  • Define Safety Responsibilities
    Within each level of your organization, including current policies and future goals.

  • Share Your Vision
    With every employee, from entry-level to management echelons.

  • Uphold Accountability
    Create a process that lets no one off the hook for being visibly involved. Management and supervisors must lead the way to ensure positive change.

  • - Provide Multiple Avenues for Driving Change
    Different options must exist for employees wishing to voice concerns, from written to full-face. A chain-of-command ensures accountability and responsiveness.

  • - Report Everything!
    Educate employees on the importance of reporting not just accidents, but near-misses and minor first-aid necessities. Expect an increase at first – it will level off later.

  • - Start Your Investigation System Anew
    Evaluate your current system to ensure the effectiveness of future evaluations in getting to the root cause of incidents.

  • - Build Trust
    This will help everyone work together as a team to achieve improvements rather than fear the tides of change.

  • Celebrate Accomplishments
    Make efforts – both failures and successes - public to keep everyone engaged and motivated.

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