‘Aggravated’ is Only Half the Story

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What Went Wrong?

According to Minnesota’s work comp laws, you can get your experience mod corrected, but only if you can figure out what went wrong in the first place. The so-called “Aggravated Inequity” rule allows you to get an updated mod, but only if 3 things happen first:

  1. An open claim on the experience mod closes between valuation and your renewal date
  2. The claim results in 5 point or greater improvement to your experience mod
  3. The carrier issues new stat cards to the rating bureau

The rating bureau then uses the updated information to issue a new mod.

How You Can Get Your Mod Corrected

  1. Determine your valuation date(s); you may have more than one if you’ve changed renewal dates
  2. Review open claims and identify potential candidates for aggravated inequity – anything that might close after valuation
  3. Continue to monitor and follow up with the adjuster on open claims, at least once per month, following valuation
  4. Submit proof to the insurance carrier that the claim has closed between valuation and renewal and will impact your mod by at least 5 points

The carrier will then issue new stat cards to the rating bureau, and the rating bureau will send you a new mod.

It’s not the responsibility of the insurance company to know when your experience mod is being calculated. If you want a new mod, it’s up to you to go get it. This is why it’s so critical to have someone reviewing open claims, working to get claims closed, and calculating the impact on your experience mod.

See Rule 4 of the Minnesota Experience Rating Plan Manual for more details about the statute.



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