Can Employees Choose Their Own Doctor for Workman’s Comp Injury Management?

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Finding a doctor following a workman's comp injury can be confusing for employees, with roadblocks and include redirection along the way. Each state has complicated rules regarding when you can choose your own doctor, compounding matters.

Avoid U-Turns in Workman’s Comp Injury Management…

  • Floor It: Post-Accident Doctor Visits
    In most states, you can see any physician you choose for your initial visit, and ER visits are covered in the event they’re necessary. In either case, it’s essential to inform providers you were injured at work. However in some states, such as California, you must see a doctor chosen by your employer.

  • Cruise Control: Ongoing Treatment
    Most states have specific rules concerning the types of providers that can attend or treat a workman’s comp patient (M.D., D.O., N.P., P.A., oral surgeon...). Certain states may also allow treatment from alternative providers such as naturopaths, chiropractors, and other specialists, but may limit the number of visits covered by workman's comp. In some states, employers can create their own network of doctors, requiring workers be treated within it. The injured may wish to first consult with their primary physician regarding the possibility of treatment or referral to a competent workman’s comp provider.

  • Curb Check: Payment
    Unless authorized physicians treat workman’s comp claims and the proper forms are filed for workman's comp injury management, payment may be delayed or rejected. Make certain all employees understand they must file a workers’ compensation claim to ensure coverage, and following state guidelines is essential coverage denial.

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