Tips to Helping Workers Return to Light Duty Work

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Helping an employee return to a regular work life after an injury on the job can be challenging, however aiding return can be essential – not just to employee recovery, but to the financial impact of the workers comp claim on your business.

How can you help employees return to work quickly and safely?
Light duty is a great way to slowly re-introduce employees back to life on the job after an injury. This can be accomplished several ways:

  • Shorter hours.
    An reduced schedule that slowly builds back up to the employees preexisting workload is an effective solution to managing re-entry.

  • Transitional work.
    An abbreviated form of an employee’s original duties, or different duties with a lighter physical demand, can also offer a mutually beneficial solution.

  • Temporary position change.
    A temporary assignment of a different nature than the employee was originally hired for can offer a solution until other light duty options can be implemented.

  • Job modification.
    Modifying a job to meet an injured worker’s restrictions can also be made possible by making adjustments to the employee’s work site, changing the job to meet limitations, and/or providing tools, equipment, or appliances that help your employee work within those limitations.

Let light duty take a bite out of workman's comp claims
Know your responsibilities. Offering injured workers jobs within their medically documented restrictions can really help your business control workman's compensation claims, but only when implemented in a timely manner.

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