Preventing Workman's Comp Fraud Before It Happens

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Workman’s comp was created to protect employees injured on the job. Unfortunately, fraud in workman's comp injury management does happen. A drain not only on your business, workman’s comp fraud can trickle down to cost honest workers in pay and jobs and later consumers at the cash register as businesses struggle to absorb the large cost of these damaging deceptions.

● How can you prevent workman’s comp fraud?
Contain costs and insurance premiums by being mindful of each and every claim.

● Arm yourself with knowledge.
Understand the proper purpose of workman’s comp: To provide medical and financial assistance to workers injured on the job. That means coverage for workers who may not have their own insurance from funds which do not directly come out of yours or your business’ pocket. Anything outside this scope could indicate abuse or fraud.

● Head-off dishonest individuals at the pass.
Use every pre-employment screening tool available: Employment records, criminal records, credit checks, education, driving records and previous workers' compensation claims. Don’t hire liars.

● Be proactive.
Many employees feel isolated or resented following their need to make a claim. Implement training and monitoring techniques which demonstrate your appreciation of injured employees and your hope for their rapid return. In addition, emphasize the illegality of taking advantage of workman’s comp benefits.

● Don’t procrastinate.
When jobsite injury occurs, act immediately and stay on top of matters. Document in detail to later compare with your worker’s comp agent for consistency. Your notes may prove integral should investigation be warranted.

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