What Are the Most Expensive Workplace Injuries?

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Safety in the workplace is an essential component in controlling the costs of workman's comp injury management, of which, disabling non-fatal workplace injuries contribute significant costs. Unfortunately, you can’t prevent injury to employees or your bottom line without identifying these risks.

The Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index top 10?

1. Overexertion Involving Outside Source
Injuries related to lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, carrying or throwing.

Percentage: 24.4%
Cost: $15.08 Billion

2. Falls on Same Level
Such as slips/trips with fall.

Percentage: 16.4%
Cost: $10.17 Billion

3. Falls to Lower Level
Such as off roofs, downstairs…

Percentage: 8.7%
Cost: $5.4 Billion

4. Struck By Object or Equipment
Blows by improperly stored/stacked items; items flying from/breaking off equipment, etc.

Percentage: 8.6%
Cost: $5.31 Billion

5.  Other Exertions or Bodily Reactions
Injuries resulting from bending, crawling, reaching, twisting, climbing, stepping, kneeling, sitting, standing or walking.

Percentage: 6.7%
Cost: $4.15 Billion

6. Roadway Incidents Involving Motorized Land Vehicle
Such as auto accidents.

Percentage: 4.8%
Cost: $2.96 Billion

7. Slip or Trip Without Fall
Missteps that result in sprains, strains, and other injuries.

Percentage: 3.8%
Cost: $2.35 Billion

8. Caught In/Compressed By Equipment or Objects
Such as cave-ins, unguarded machinery, pinning by vehicles, and more.

Percentage: 3.2%
Cost: $1.97 Billion

9. Struck Against Object or Equipment
Injury by forcible contact/impact, such as a stubbed/broken toe/finger.

Percentage: 3%
Cost: $1.85 Billion

10. Repetitive Motion Involving Micro-Tasks
Carpal tunnel, tendinosis, edema, etc.

Percentage: 2.9%
Cost: $1.82 Billion

The staggering statistics
The top 10 injuries noted above comprise 82.5% and $51.06 billion of the total, non-fatal injury workman’s comp tab of $61.88 billion annually. Inspiration to step-up safety standards, no?

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